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Name: Melody
Age: 20
Height: 5'6"
Eye Color: brown
Status: Single


What I like: * Japan * Japanese language * Japanese Pop Culture * Japanese Street Fashion * Decora * Lolita * Ganguro * Gyaru * Music * Visual Kei * Hello Kitty * Pandas * Sugar * Video Games * Cross-stitching * Bassoon * Education * 'Your Mom' jokes * rainbows * optimism


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[August 31st, 2008 - 11:45pm]
Personality thingy-do
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<3 メロディ
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<3 Ashelia <3 [July 21st, 2008 - 1:14am]
Soooo, today (technically yesterday), I went and saw The Dark Knight with my mother ^-^. It was reeeaallly good. It was seriously the most creative interpretation of the characters that I have seen as of yet and it was very entertaining ^-^. Yaay

After the movies, I went to Kmart and bought my new bundle of joy: Ashelia, a coral pink Nintendo DS. And I bought a little Hello Kitty carrying case for her too :D. Now I just need to find my Sudoku game...it's gone missing, and it's my #1 "I'm bored" game on the go.

The main reason I wanted the DS this time around (since I sold the other one to my brother), was that there's this really nifty Japanese game out for it that people in Japan use to improve their writing skills. There's a version of this game for the Kana alphabets (the syllable ones) and for the Kanji (the crazy Chinese looking characters that represent full words). I think it'll be a really awesome tool for me, because it grades you on how well you write the symbol and stuff...I think I'll learn a lot! Also, I plan on sharing these games with my future Japanese students, and I think it will be a really innovative approach to education that successfully utilizes the concept of Withitness (assuming that Nintendo doesn't make another handheld any time soon...hahaha).

Oh, yesterday I went to Roxana's graduation party. We played truth and dare! hahaha. I generally don't like truth and dare do to some stupid experiences with it on the band bus, but I actually had fun this time around! I guess it's all in the people who you play it with. Although I must say, the dance that Keanu gave me for one of his dares made me blush a bit...x_X;. This chicka can't handle those kinds of moves comfortably D:.

<3 メロディ
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みてみて! [July 19th, 2008 - 12:46pm]
Look look! New desktop :3. If you like my handiwork and want me to make something for you, such things can be arranged....but you have to have pictures of whatever theme it is XD;


<3 メロディ
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♪ Rainbow You'll Always Be Mine ♪ [July 13th, 2008 - 1:10pm]
Ow...I totally just stabbed myself with a trash can T-T.

Anyway, this weekend, I was at Grand Assembly which is the state convention for the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls in Ohio. For those of you who don't know what Rainbow is, here's a link to my local Assembly's site: http://medinamasonictemple.org/rainbow/what_is_rainbow.htm
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<3 メロディ
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Scrapbook [July 4th, 2008 - 1:23am]
Uuggghhh. I never want to hear that word ever again....

I'm in this organization for girls 11-20, and every year there is a scrapbook competition....there are some insanely strict rules going along with this thing, but yeah....it's very intense. And back in the day when we used to have 30 girls in our Assembly, scrapbook was a do-able thing. Now that we only have about 8 active members, it's rather difficult. Sooo the scrapbook is all here at home and for some reason we get stuck with the thing. I have to cross-stitch the cover to it, and we're not even anywhere close to being halfway done. It's due next Wednesday -_-;

I have to work on our lovely Independence Day...12:30 to 5:00. Come visit me at the Kmart! XD

My niece finally thinks I'm cool :D. I'm slowly starting to corrupt her with Japanese...nyaha. She cheats at board games though T-T. And she never tells me all the controls to the wii games so I always lose. AND she thinks she can draw better than me D:

Yes, I am totally getting upset about a 4 year old....So I'm a bit competitive....lol

I go on this virtual world program called Second Life in order to work a bit on my Japanese and just have fun :3. My avatar is this cute Japanese-esque girl who is actually a doll! She has doll joints and a key in her back and everything. When the key stops winding, I can't move anywhere and I have to wait for someone to come along and wind me up..It's really rather nifty. Anyway, I decided to see what it is like being a guy in this world. So I'm trying to make this J-Rocker type of guy. His name is Kiyoshi Kaligawa. See how many chicks I can pick up ^_-. Hahahaha.

I need sugar D: I don't even have any apples left T-T.

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Save the Seals! [July 2nd, 2008 - 7:28pm]
Don't ask about the entry title...it's totally an inside joke XD;

I've been well, if anyone's been wondering. Kmart is still as crappy as always... I'm officially a Japanese major now. Still hopelessly single. Nothing really new going on....haha.

I went to an anime convention again! I haven't been to one in such a long time. It wasn't as fun as I was expecting, but it was still quite entertaining. I plan to actually dress up as a character next time so more fun should be had! There was all kinds of things there....Sasuke getting raped by Akatsuki....Yaoi versions of Sora and Riku...Boys being led around by girls on hazardous leashes...girls who are way too large for their costumes. Yep. Cons are amazing! XD. I bought a Sora action figure, a bunny hat, and a little capsule toy...yaaay for money wasteage!

I organized my manga yesterday and discovered that I've spent about $1,100 on manga....I feel kind of sad about that.

Welll, I have praise band in about 5 minutes, so I'll be leaving you ^-^!

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Yaaay ^-^. [December 12th, 2007 - 7:37pm]
I survived the juries! Huzzah!

Oboe jury went really well..someone said something like "I can't believe she's only been playing since September!"

Bassoon jury was lovely since they didn't ask for any scales, but the accompanist and I had a bit of an issue at the beginning of my solo...whatev. I've played it better, but I'm just glad it's over with.

Piano went well too ^-^. I screwed up E Melodic Minor scale....but other than that, I got everything, so I passed Part A of the piano proficiency test!

Now I can breathe easy ^_-v
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Insanity on a Stick [December 12th, 2007 - 2:40pm]
Finals. They're almost done! But I have horrid Juries for my Oboe and Bassoon lessons I have to get through. Then there's my piano final -_-. I'm a nervous wreck X_X. I'm sure I'll do fine on them, but for some reason, my body just freaks out. I think this is one of the main reasons why I cannot be a music major. Should I be terrified of doing something I supposedly love?

Anyhow, my first jury is in about 1 hour and 20 minutes, so I'm just taking quizzes and wasting time.... What an existence. I have two fairly easy exams tomorrow, and then it's home free! For an entire month! I predict that at approximately 6:30 this evening, I will be the most relieved person on the face of the planet. That moment seems so far away....like it will never happen. I cannot picture life after juries T-T. Yes! They're that bad!

I'll be sure to write about how everything went but yeah. Intensity on a stick. -_-
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Antikku Addiction X_X; [December 5th, 2007 - 1:35pm]
mmk. so yeah. AnCafe...I'm mildly obsessed with them, and I had a dream about them too X_X;. I've been reading translations of their blog for at least 4 days now....I has no life XD. I feel like I'm living vicariously through them too....like when I'm feeling unhappy, I think of what they are doing and I feel happy :O.

Weird. X_X

I want to meet them some day....please come to America :O.
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OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE! ....maybe >.>; [November 13th, 2007 - 12:16pm]
***** IMPORTANT (maybe?) *****
I'm going to do one of those cool things where I tell people "OMG IM GUNNA REMOVE YOU IF YOU DONT POST RARWARAWRAWRARAWR....RAOR." So if you'd like to remain on my friend's list, please post on this....there's really only two people at the moment who are guaranteed to stay so yeah. Post! Whee. I'm a person who likes to hold on to people from the past, but it doesn't seem that people want to hold on to me, so I'm willing to let them go now....It's time to move on with life and find some friends who care ^-^.
***** /IMPORTANT *****

A Doll....I want one -_-. Like...if anyone ever gave me one of those things, I think I'd cry! No! Seriously!

Too bad the money I make during christmas will be going to an iPod....life has been hard without my mp3 player. Good thing I didn't name it, or I would have been really really attached to it. Like if something happened to Genevieve, Apollo, Cynthia, or Lola....oh. My heart would die! I guess I'll be accepting names for the iPod :D...It's the classic sliver, 80 gig one if that matters.

I think I'm on the verge of discovering my new drawing style :D. Please have a look at my deviant art thing and give me an opinion. A lot of people liked the one with the two cups, so I wondering if I should do a whole bunch of that kind of thing with simple, drawable objects.

I'm missing hanging out....I just started doing that before I went to college and now no one does it with me anymore -_-. I need a car/license!

Animal Crossing DS anyone? I'd love to play, but you have to have friends registered in there and all before you go on sooo...iono.
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[November 1st, 2007 - 8:43pm]
Why do people never seem to respond to really important things? T-T...and why does scheduling have to occur 10 weeks before the new semester? X_x;
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[October 24th, 2007 - 7:38pm]
I can name 139 Pokemon in 15m 0s
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[October 24th, 2007 - 7:05pm]
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[October 22nd, 2007 - 9:27pm]


Growl -_-;
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[October 21st, 2007 - 7:22pm]
Oh yeah. I find it funny that my Godmother sent me a card wishing me a happy 20th b-day....

Way to go. lol.

Why exactly is it cool to salivate on gummy worms and then throw them at people's windows so that they stick for days? I really don't know...perhaps I should open the window and ask them.
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ブロンメロディの憂鬱 (The Melancholy of Melody Brown) [October 21st, 2007 - 6:06pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Hello livejournal! Hello people who don't read this ^-^. Hello Armond XD.

Uhm yeah. College....X_X. I wish that you could just pick a bunch of stuff you really like to do and THEN find a job. Unfortunately (which, by the way, i finally learned how to spell correctly. Same with definitely) , life is backwards much. you have to find the job, THEN get the degree to match. Which is quite retarded. Because then you have to limit yourself to things that will actually work, rather than things you really want to do....oi X_X.

Fanfiction is amazing. I just finished reading a 49 chapter beast of one that I dare not mention the subject matter of. But I will say it was from Cardcaptor Sakura, if that has any significance. And yes, I just ended with a preposition kthx.

Pizza. Pizza is a concept that adults don't understand. For some reason, adults feel that us kids LOVE pizza. I mean, we eat it all the time, so we MUST like it. Soooo when it's time to get food for everyone, of course it's always "Oh, pizza sounds good! Kids love pizza since they eat it all the time. yay!" Note to you all: WE DO NOT LOVE PIZZA! The only reason we eat pizza all the time is because adults are always shoving it down our throats. Sure, pizza is good...most everyone likes pizza, so I suppose it is a safe option. But seriously, people. We're not in love with the stuff.

It's expensive too.

And another thing. In writing we're supposed to write this paper about hard times in our life, right? So I wrote about my birthmark, and the things I've had to deal with, which I never really share with people only because I don't want to be viewed as some tragic emo child. Anyhow, we have to turn the exploratory venting paper into a research paper, so naturally I did "The Effects of Birthmarks and Visual Differences on Development." So I'm looking for sources and with each one I find I feel more and more like a statistic. Like I'm being summed up and generalized. That I'm being compared to standard. Even the concrete world of math and statistics won't recognize me as normal. The research paper was supposed to help I guess, but if anything it has made me more self-conscious. I found an article about the effects on parents and I can just imagine how my mom felt about me when I was younger. It's only natural.

So I start realizing things about myself to fit these neat and tidy statistics. Do I only do well in what I do to gain some sort of recognition and acceptance? Am I really okay (my spell check just underlined the word okay, and suggested i put Tokay) with never having the same sense of anonymity as everyone else does? Am I ready for a life with a severely decreased rate of marriageability? How many jobs will I be denied due to facial differences? I'm a marked girl. I would never be able to break the law (not that I'm planning on it) due to my distinguishing features.

Throw in the fact that I have weight issues and my life's looking pretty bleak. This is why I spend my life in pretend worlds, ogling fictional characters, refusing to live in my reality. What good lies for me here? I can't find love, so I'll live vicariously through the love lives of characters.

Love is a whole OTHER issue. At my current rate, I will not find a suitable partner for me until I am 72. I have no male friends here. I always thought that I would go to college and meet some lovely boy who would just love me for what I am, but everyone just glances over me. I'm the good friend. I'm the Hello Kitty Girl. I am the girl who's friends with the girl you like who you need to befriend. I just get passed over. Life is passing me by. I can't tell if my ex was a good kisser or not because I've only kissed one person. I can only amuse people with the funny stories of my failures in the love department. I just want to find some happiness before I'm too old for my innocence to be cute, and to protect me anymore.

Sorry for the emo. I'm just expressing the negative. There is plenty in my life that is good, and it's not like I'm contemplating suicide or something. The friends I have made are amazing people, and I'm thankful that I'll be living to see my 19th birthday on Tuesday (assuming I don't die by then....Cross your fingers!) I just need to get these things down.

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[July 5th, 2007 - 12:02am]
Had a rather deep discussion with Armond...well...deep for me anyway. About why I am the way I am about disliking drugs and alcohol so much. Which i had never really thought about so i just kept kinda venting my thoughts, coming to some realizations that i had never realized. I just love learning about my lovely little self *hugs self*

<3 Merochan.
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Weird thingy. [July 4th, 2007 - 2:53am]
Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random habits/facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged & list their names.

1. I dislike being helped by associates at ANY store....even if I can't find something, I'd rather get myself lost looking for it.

2. I really enjoy picking at dead skin-type things.

3. I'm very afraid of death.

4. I think I should have been born during the Victorian era X_x...when men were gentlemmen, and ladies were excessively girly and allowed to be frail.

5. I am extremely self-conscious, though I often seem like i'm not....woe is me.

6. I am automatically turned off of conversation starting with the words "how are you?"

7. I must keep myself out of the way of temptations, as I have VERY LITTLE self-control.

I don't have anybody worth tagging. I doubt 7 people even read this anymore XD;....

<3 Merochan.
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T-T [June 21st, 2007 - 5:13pm]
Don't you love it when you cry at a movie that you don't even understand?? Well...maybe I'm the only one. But Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children....it's plot is a little "obscure." Every time I watch the dumb thing I end up crying at the end X_x;. Perhaps it's just because the end can be easily tied to the end of the video game, or Aerith's death....who knows. All I know is that I am still confused by that movie.

I went marching in a Match Worshipping parade for the local Democrats...'twas hot, and I think I got a bit dehydrated: Thankfully we located water. I met Armond's dad, who seems very nice and less scary than the parents of certain other friends who intimidate me so. Hurrah! She then made me do 'scary' things in the car whilst driving: i.e. unfogging the outside of the windows by flinging a hoodie across the windshield as we each grabbed a sleeve and wiped it back and forth..sure we were going like 15 miles an hour but i'm overly cautious.

I then proceeded to get sick: A nasty cold + sore throat + ear infection. The sore throat is an off and on thing...usually comes back after I use nasal spray since the chemicals probably irritate it. We found pretty nifty ear medicine at the drug store which seems to do the trick for my intense earaches that often accompany my cold, so I guess all that's left to cure is the annoying lightheadedness and fatigue x.x.

I have an Eastern Star meeting tonight...hurrah for watching old ladies bicker and argue ^^;;.

I have to work tomorrow, 1-6, but I really don't want to *sigh*...

<3 Merochan
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[June 16th, 2007 - 2:07am]
[ mood | sick ]

i think my bowels shriek every time I eat something that they disagree with....perhaps I should listen more intently...XO.

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